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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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it helps save time and helps save water with 6 times the cleaning power. get a money saving coupon for new tide he turbo at now you can turn laundry time into turbo time. ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news, a mass shooting at an historic black church. tonight, we know at least nine people are dead and there's a massive man hunt underway for the killer. >> let's get to veronica de la cruz in the news room.
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she has the latest. >> reporter: ken and liz, wednesday night church services were shattered by gunfire in charleston, south carolina tonight. a white man walked into a prayer meeting at a historic church and started shootingful right now, we know nine people are dead, an unknown number of people are wounded. in a news conference that ended within the hour, the charleston police chief called the shooting a hate crime. the suspect they are after is a white 21-year-old man. he is still on the loose. >> we have investigators that are out tracking leads comeing in and we will continue to do that until we find this individual who has carried out this crime and bring him to justice. >> shooting someone in church is out of hate. >> reporter: the emanuel ame church is one of the oldest churches in the house dating back to the early 1800s.
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a state senator is the pastor there. no word on his condition tonight. people have been seen in prayer circles and the streets near the shooting. the mayor of charleston calling what happened tonight an unspeakable act. nine people dead in a church shooting in south carolina. a gunman still on the loose. jeb bush announced he canceled a campaign event in charleston tomorrow. live in the news room, veronica de la cruz, kpix5. in berkeley, a heartbroken community gathering to remember the victims of yesterday's balcony collapse. meantime, here's the latest on the investigation. earlier, crews cut two square holes in the third floor balcony. the wood inside appear to be compromised. crews red tagged two others. all six of the students who died were in their early 20s . five were irish citizens who were in the bay area for the summer on work study visas.
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the sixth victim was from rohnert park. mark kelly is in berkeley tonight. >> reporter: liz, take a look at this video. a very large silent vigil formed in a park in berkeley. people made their way from the park to the scene of the tragedy. we are coming up on 48 hours since this balcony collapse. and today, family, loved ones from ireland came here to the u.s. to identified the deceased. tonight t irish community in the bay area prays for the victims' families at this special mass. >> god wraps his arms around each of us. >> reporter: the father has met with the people in the hospital at times delivering difficult news. >> he asked what the name was. when i said his name, he said that's my best friend. >> reporter: near the balcony collapse, tears as people light a candle and say a final good- bye to the six young adults.
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>> i feel so bad for them. everybody does. it is awful. >> reporter: underneath the grief, questions. were the beams holding up the 13 young adults on the balcony rotting from the water damage? our phil matier asked the builder's spokesperson that question. >> what about the idea this is a new building? it shouldn't be rotting this quick. >> it's a good question. that is why we are working with investigator to determine what happened and get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: for the irish, hardship is in their blood, but so is fate. >> we believe that we will see them again. >> reporter: take a look at the balcony. you can see two of them are now gone. today, city building inspectors ordered the property owner here to remove the balcony below the collapsed one. that one is also unsafe. in berkeley, mark kelly, kpix5. >> in a prepared statement, greystar said the safety of our
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residents is our highest priority and we will work with an independent structural engineer to determine the cause of the accident. that apartment building is only eight years old. we learned they have been sued before. in 2011 for problems at a san jose apartment complex including balconies. a spokesperson says there is no connection between the two. we have continuing coverage on including what the city of berkeley is doing to make sure other balconies don't fail. well, the world champs are back in town tonight. steph curry, first one off the plane today with that special carry on that he had over his seat. the guys looked a little weary from the late night and the long flight. and a little partying on the way. but they took time for the fans who came out to welcome them home. [ cheers and applause ] mvp!
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>> kpix5's christin ayers is live in oakland where they are planning a pretty big party. christin? >> reporter: yeah, preparations are underway here in oakland. crews have been working here to build a stage for the parade. they will be doing it into the night here. a lot of oaklanders have high hopes about what this parade could do for their city. a mad dash to build a stage fit for champions. this is where the warriors and their fans will gather during friday's parade. the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. at broadway and 11th and snake down to lake avenue and lake merritt. passing in the process by chapman's shoe shop and right by oaklandish where dubs shirts are already selling like hot cakes.
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>> they are probably going to go through the ceiling. >> reporter: we found oakland mayor libby schaaf perusing the racks. she says the city is ready for the parade. last night, not one oakland street celebration spun out of control. >> we were prepared and we plan to be prepared again on friday for a safe responsible but really exuberant celebration of our warriors. >> reporter: businesses hope fans are just as exuberant with their pocketbooks. oaklandish is releasing the first band of championship tees on the other handfully. mayor schaaf believes the good news for oakland won't stop when the parade is over. championships do have impacts on the way people see cities it is just another chapter in the book about oakland's resurgence and renewal. >> reporter: now, libby schaaf wouldn't give us any clues about any special guests who might make aexperiences friday.
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she says it will mainly be about the team. half a million people expected at the parade friday. reporting live in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> half a million people. it will be unbelievable. vern glenn with us now. the warriors are soaking up the victory. >> when you win like this, you have to tell yourself sleep is overrated. the party went from the arena to a steak house last night and it kept going right on and on all the way to the plane ride. check out the celebration that was ongoing. [ singing ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ i'm in love with the cocoa ♪ >> i'm in love with the cocoa by rapper ot genesis. they have been doing it all season long. and they finally ran out of energy. here is andre iguodala fast asleep with his mvp trophy in his hands. and later on the in the flight,
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steph curry lay down in the floor of the plane with the larry o'brien championship free- throw trophy. there was little left in the tank when they got to the oakland airport. [ cheers and applause ] >> take a nap, listening to music. just talking about how fun the journey has been. now we get to celebrate for year. >> i bet they ran completely. by the time they got home, head hit the pillow. they may even still be sleeping. >> they should. they have a big night. >> they played 83 wins this season. 83 of them. >> gosh. >> that is only two other teams. see you in a few. if you can get to the parade in person, you can watch it with us, our live coverage starts at 9:30 friday morning. we will stream it live on our website,
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it has been a bay area favorite for years now. but tonight, a lot of lablange cafes are closing. >> reporter: they were not meeting their financial expectations. they will serve their last cram in september. on the back of the cook book, there is a paragraph that begins with as we move beyond san francisco. well, that chapter of the bay area's story is closing. just like all 23 restaurants. >> i like them. yeah. they are a great restaurant. i'll miss it if it goes. >> the convenience, they always seem to be very busy. always friendly faces. >> reporter: after purchasing the brand in 2012 for 100 million bucks t is how the cookie crumbles. starbucks is flaking on the
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brick and mortar bakeries. >> starbucks is going to retain the menu that seem to be doing so well here. >> reporter: you will still be able to sink your teeth into their recipes inside the seattle based chains countless bay area coffee shops. beyond the pastries, starbucks says the employees will have a chance to trade their jobs selling macaroons for serving up good old american joe at a nearby starbucks. still, that slice of parisian cafe charm is going the way of the dodo bird. >> we are wondering where we will go. >> reporter: in palo alto, andria borba, kpix5. it will be a big blow to uber. a new state ruling finds uber drivers can be classified as employees and not independent contractors. the decision centers around a complaint from the san francisco based uber driver. the california labor commission is ordering them to pay more than four grand. that is because legally, uber
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is her employer. but, official employment would also mean uber gets to set drivers work hours which some say defeats the point. >> i turn on the uber app and work with ubers. >> that is worth noting the decision does not set a legal precedent. similar cases are pending and uber is appealing. and tonight, at&t is facing a record fine for misleading customers. $100million. the fcc says at&t misled customers about its unlimited data plans. it says at&t squeezed wireless internet speeds so severely, the service was unusable. something known as throttling. at&t says it will contest the claims. coming up, a monk viciously attacked inside this bay area monastery. tonight, police say the suspect is another monk. >> how does an airline lose a
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dog? what this couple says happened to their pet when they flew to the bay area.
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>> a buddhist monk in oakland stabbed with butcher knives. devin fehely says the prime suspect is another monk. >> reporter: this small community of monks living in this oakland neighborhood say they are committed to living in peaceful coexistence with one another. but a bizarre and brutal attack has left the leader of their community in the hospital fighting for his life. chin dun fin says he heard the attack and rushed downstairs to find one of his fellow monks on top of the 66-year-old leader of the community. >> i ran down the stairs.
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>> reporter: the attacker ran away while he frantically called 911 for help. >> i had a towel put on the victim's head and held on until the ambulance came. >> reporter: the attacker had only just joined the monastery and he is in disbelief that someone they welcomed into their home could commit such a violent crime. >> i feel bad. something snapped. >> reporter: according to oakland police, the monk is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. in oakland, devin fehely, kpix5. five foster farms employees are suspended after undercover video reveals suspected animal abuse at a fresno slaughter house. an animal rights group released this group today. we are not airing the most graphic parts. it appears to show kickens
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being slammed into metal shackles, punched and having their feathers pulled out while they were still alive. fresno sheriffs are investigating the abuse allegations. foster farms say it is behavior is inappropriate. the company says it is conducting its own investigation into a report of animal abuse. foster farms is reenforcing animal welfare training company wide. a travel nightmare for a couple whose dog is lost in transit by an airline. kpix5's betty yu on the ordeal suffered by the precious pet. >> reporter: two-year-old rescue winston was hardly treated like precious cargo on american airlines. according to his owners, alex sis and matt. >> to know he is not being fed. he has not been given a bathroom break or given water. it is very upsetting. >> reporter: the couple was told an employee mixed up the labels on the kennel. instead of putting him on a three-and-a-half hour flight from dallas to san francisco,
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the airline sent him on a grueling journey through iowa and chicago before arriving at sfo. they believe he had no water or food for at least 14 hours. >> when i picked him up, he was edged toward the back of his crate and he looked frightened. >> reporter: they say american never even contacted them about the mixup. they didn't even know about it until matt showed up at the airport giantedded. >> wed ad ad ad ad adhe was no show. >> he is a family member. >> reporter: tonight, american airlines apologized for the mistake. for now, they say they will be driving winston to their next destination. in san rafael, betty yu, kpix5. >> the couple says the airline has offered to refund the cost of the dog's trip. the airline has apologized and says "we are looking into how
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this error occurred and making sure the care that winston received was in line with our policies." tonight, we know california's top ten worst beaches. number one, cowell beach in santa cruz. a group called heal the beach ranked them from a to f. other beaches getting a bad grade. marina lagoon in san mateo and candlestick point in san francisco ranked seventh. paul deanno is here to look at the weather. paul, not exactly a beach day. >> yeah, it was about 53 in daly city. 56 ocean beach. if you have a sweatshirt and thick pants. cloud cover spilling over the city. lit be a foggy start in san francisco. but i think you will like where the forecast is going. vallejo, 54. san jose, 54. fairfield, 54. the alameda county fair, tomorrow, should be beautiful.
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75 degrees with sunshine. and you are going to love dubs fans, 500,000 strong in oakland. a cloudy start but a sunny and wild mid-morning. 67 degrees mid rally and celebration for your golden state warriors. one of the wettest places in the world right now is oklahoma. eight inches tonight and tomorrow. devastating flooding last month, here we go. the remnants of tropical storm bill giving spots that don't need rain too much. we could use the rain, but we are dominate by a big ridge of high pressure. we don't get much rain this time of year. the ridge will work its way closer friday. just to the south. minimal on shore flow. it will be pretty warm. then that ridge moves a little bit from southern california over northern arizona. the four corners allowing a low pressure area to move in from the north and west cranking up the push from the ocean and temperatures cool down. ironically the first day of
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summer sunday and father's day. low clouds, drizzle along the coast. not quite as warm tomorrow. but still very pleasant. temperatures will be at their warmest on friday and saturday. still hitting 80 tomorrow in concord. about 6 degrees cooler than today. los altos t 74. 59 degrees in pacifica. that is average this time of the year. san ramon, 74. vallejo, 77. thursday in san francisco, more thanking clouds, afternoon sunshine, 64. across the bay in alameda, 68. novato, 76. still hot in lake county. clear lake, 92 degrees tomorrow. hottest weather friday and saturday. father's day, don't forget dad or grand dad. cooler sunday. maybe take him to his favorite outdoor restaurant for brunch. >> not bad. >> buy him a new car. >> i'll take the car. yeah. >> why not? >> oh, i like that. >> i like how you are thinking. >> still plenty of time to put
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that together. coming up, will brian williams return to nbc? we may have the answer tonight. >> and the president who is being kicked off a bill for a woma
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>> tonight, multiple news outlets are reporting brian williams is coming back to the nbc network, but not as the anchor of the nightly news. sources close to the plans say he will cover breaking news for msnbc. he was suspended in february six months after he was accused of exaggerate ago story about a 2003 iraq war mission. internal investigation reportedly turned up a number of other misstatements by williams. lester holt will continue to anchor the nightly news. meanwhile, alexander hamilton is getting booted from the $10 bill. >> the treasury department says it will replace his portrait with a woman. who exactly is yet to be determined. expect to see the new bill coming up in 2020. who do you think it should be? it has to be a woman. on the $10 bill. >> interesting. a lot of good choice out there.
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>> hmm. hmm. i could ponder that all night. >> harriet tubman or rosa parks or eleanor roosevelt. those were some names being tossed around. >> all fabulous choices. they could have a lottery and figure it out. all right, we have the nba champion warriors with a little parting shot to lebron james. what's that about? yes. we have baseball. giants, they were in king felix's court tonight.
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>> nba up top. get used to hearing that a lot through friday's nba championship parade. last sunday, lebron james said he wasn't worried about losing the nba finals. because of one reason. >> i feel confident because i'm the best player in the world. turning out the best player in the world didn't have enough to beat the warrior ins game six in the middle of all the celebration last night. klay thompson had a chance to set the record straight. >> it just feels good with the best player and the best team
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in the world. it has been a journey and we can't put it into words. >> all right, to baseball. the giants, did you know that they have scored the third most runs in baseball on the road? so you figure a trip to seattle. that's the king's court. king felix hernandez and court was in session. brandon belt. one of five strikeouts. belt was pleased. he was dealing with madison bumgarner. big mistake coming up in the 6th inning. as angel pagan has some issues with the fly ball. play at the plate. the tag for the game's first run. that's all they needed as seattle holds onto win a final of 2-0. give the as pitcher jesse chavez dealing in oakland struck out 11 padres. the story was offense here. billy butler. a three run jack. as offense was getting
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started. it was 12-2 oakland. bret lowrie drove home a pair in the gaper. a seven-run eighth. they pounded out 20 hits. everybody in the starting lineup got a base knocked 16-2. the final is the as making some noise. good one. five in
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>> hawaii 50 is next. coming none one hour, the late, late show. >> our next newscast ♪ ♪ (birds chirping) ♪ ♪ (sighs) ♪ ♪


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